Wednesday, April 1, 2015

          Welp. Today is the day I was originally supposed to enter the Provo MTC. It's a weird feeling. At 8:30 I looked at the clock and thought "I'd have been set apart as a missionary by now" at 12:45 I thought "I'd be reporting to the MTC right now." and so forth. I got a call from my stake president two days ago telling me that they had changed my assignment. Upon realizing that I was the only sister headed to the Philippines entering the MTC that day, they decided to delay my entrance a week and to instead send me to the Manila MTC.  Far too many times I've witnessed something that seems like a setback or a problem but turns out to be an immense blessing to ever doubt that this is what the Lord wants. I was banking on seven weeks in Provo to adjust to missionary life, and then to fly to the Philippines and adjust to the culture. I admittedly am pretty terrified to make this change all at once but I know that our Father in Heaven has a plan for each of His children and there's a reason I'll be there sooner. He can see what I can't. So here I am with an extra week at home on my hands and I intend to make it count. One of my best friends once told me "there's no such thing as wasted time in the Lord's time frame". You are where you are right now for a reason, so let's figure out why.