Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 23: Prayers, polaroids, and pants

Hello hello hello! This week was SO busy. but absolutely amazing. Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! Tomorrow for you, but I'm celebrating it now. I love you!

On Wednesday we went to Legazpi for our Trainer's Training meeting. We had to ride the bus and I was slightly freaking out because I've never been the one in charge before when riding the buses here. It's different than America. We got off the bus and got on a Tricie to head to the chapel and I was just praying that it was the right one and that we'd be able to get there safe and then we found out we were in Daraga and not Legazpi. They're right next to each other, but you have to ride a jeepney to get there and I don't know how those work yet because we don't have them in Bulan. The Daraga chapel happens to be the mission office as well so I thought we'll just try it, and low and behold, the AP's were leaving just then and they got to give us a ride. I am a baby and was pretty scared, but I love how Heavenly Father answers our prayers even in the littlest ways and even if it's something not too significant. Trainer's training was the funnest thing. I love all of the missionaries in my mission. They're so fun to be around. I learned so many things from the counsel of president and it was just an incredible day. Plus we got to go to Pacific Mall in Legazpi after and I bought a polaroid camera. Yeah. A Polaroid. I'm one happy girl. I've been wanting one forever, but they're so expensive in America. Hooray for the Philippines Piso! I love life.

On Friday we had Zone Training. My zone is the best zone. For reals. Today we had our Zone Activity and I basically just love these guys. I've never been so happy. My district got changed up a little. Elder Lance had to be emergency transferred so now we have Elder Kinikini from Fiji and he's absolutely hilarious. I'm excited! the Zone activity was in Matnog (the drive there is GORGEOUS) and it was the first time I've worn jeans in 5 months so that was strange. haah. I love my zone.

So of course, on Saturday, we had Rosalio's baptism! It was absolutely incredible. I cried. When he was confirmed on Sunday, in the blessing it said that he will become a missionary. Basically I can't handle it. haha. Being able to bring people to the gospel and then realizing that one day they'll do the same for others just kills me. This is God's work and I'm so incredibly lucky to be a part of it. THIS IS THE WAY TO PURE JOY. And there is no other way. It's through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Only through Him can we be truly happy. I love in the scriptures when it talks about the Sons of Mosiah and how when they were missioanries they experienced many trials and hard times, but nothing that wasn't swallowed up in the joy of Christ. That's how I feel. Life as a missionary and life in general certainly isn't easy, but they bad times and hard things are ALL swallowed up in the joy of Christ. We just have to let Him in.

Sunday, we finally got the Molina Family to come back to church! They've been struggling a lot financially and have been needing to work on Sunday. We're starting to do service projects at their home and that's definitely a sure way to soften people's hearts.

We've got one week left in the transfer. This one flew by. I plan to spend the rest of my time with Sister Routhier to its fullest. We're going to see miracles in the next 7 weeks :)

I love you all so much! Thank you for your support and love! I challenge you to share the gospel in some way this week. Open your mouth and help someone understand how much the gospel can help them. I LOVE YOU!

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