Sunday, November 29, 2015


1. Chelsey and Miley Gonzales. I love them.
2. With Sister Guanzon and Iza (a less active member) at a baptism
3. Iza. I love her.

Jesus is the best

Hello Hello Hello!

How was Thanksgiving? We didn't even celebrate it. They don't celebrate it in the Philippines. I was literally sitting in District Meeting and looked at my planner and said "oh, it's Thanksgiving today" but sister Delgado and I have planned to go to this fancy restaurant on Wednesday to celebrate it. It won't be the same, because pretty much it's the family that makes the holiday but it'll still be fun!

This week was great! still working, still tracting, still seeing miracles. To answer your questions, I have one bruise and a few scrapes from my fall last week. I'm A-Okay. no soreness or lasting anything. It was seriously a miracle. Some of the investigators we tracted last week are progressing so much! They haven't been to church due to some family problems, but oh man. One of them, her name is Joanne and she is SO RECEPTIVE. We gave her the assignment of reading 2 Nephi 31 and she read it and she was telling us how she had this super spiritual experience as she was reading it and she cried. She said she really wants to repent and be baptized. It was one of those experiences where I was like "oh yeah, the Lord REALLY DOES prepare people. She's so ready it's incredible. Another one is named Michelle and she's my favorite. When I met her I just clicked really well with her and we were able to joke around and stuff. She is the one who totally said she was feeling the Spirit. She read part of the pamphlet we gave her and she said the same feeling came back as in our first lesson. I just know that there are people out there literally just waiting for someone to come and give them the Gospel. That's the beauty of the Philippines. They are very strong Christians and want to do whatever He wants for them, we just have to help them realize truthfulness. It's beautiful.

On Wendesday we taught a lesson and the lady's husband was drunk and decided he wanted to join. It was mostly just funny. he said in a total slur "Jesus is the best" and I'm just cracking up. We just ended the lesson and left because we weren't getting anywhere with that present. But really guys, Jesus IS the best. I was thinking about that the whole week. Our Father in Heaven loves us SO much that He gave us His Son. And Christ loves us so much that He gave us His life and EVERYTHING that He has. It's all because of love. Literally everything. He's totally the best.

On Saturday night we had a church tour. It was absolutely incredible! Lots of investigators came and it was SUCH a good experience. Legazpi Ward is the best ward in the Philippines. I swear. I absolutely love these people.
On Sunday we learned Tagalog Christmas Songs in Relief Society and I'm SO excited to sing them at our ward Christmas party! The Philippines knows how to Christmas. Tomorrow is our Christmas Conference and I'm SO EXCITED! I taught Sister Delgado a song on the Uke for it and it's gonna be great! Wehad a practice earlier and it's just... yes. There's dance moves and everything for our Zone presentation.

and then that's all I've got for now. Until next time. I love you all!

Sister Wilkins
1. Haircut
2. Byebye hair
3. The location of the fall