Sunday, March 13, 2016

Tracting and more tracting


It was a GREAT week! Tracting tracting tracting and we eded up picking up 22 new investigators. It was CRAZY. haha but SO much fun! I love my new companion!

One night we went to some recent converts house and we helped their grandma peel Mongo so that was fun and then we got to teach them. Their grandmother doesn't live there but she's been a member since the 1970s and she's adorable. I love old people.

We had a miracle happen. Recall to your memory a story I told about Sister Michelle who we tracted in like November when I first got to Legazpi. I clicked so well with her right of the bat and I never cry in a first lesson. So she texted us two transfers ago and said she was going to Manila and she never answered when we asked when she'd be coming back. So when we changed the areas, I kind of thought her neighborhood was in the AP's area. So on Friday night we were walking home after teaching Fred and I see the sign for her neighborhood and I realized that she was still in our area and practically flew down the road to her house. I just wanted to see if she was there. Sure enough, she comes to the door in the middle of dying her hair and she lets us in and tells us she just got home on Monday and she told us everything that's going on and we were able to set a return appointment. I AM SO HAPPY. I cried tears of joy as we left her house. God is good.

We have a million children that love to come join our lessons in one neighborhood and on Saturday we spent the whole afternoon going to each of their families houses and teaching them. Last week their families weren't too keen on letting them come to church, but since we taught their families, 4 of the kids came to church on Sunday. They are so cute. I love kids. After sacrament meeting they wanted to go home, so they walked by themselves home. I was saying the opening prayer in Gospel Principles class when one of them opened the door and got my attention.. haha they had come back because they were scared of someone outside. So we walked them home and are all hot and sweaty when we get back into gospel principles for the teacher to call us up to teach. then we get out of that class and the kids have come back AGAIN. haha. They wanted to go to primary after all. It ended up being a great experience because we got to attend primary with them. Primary songs make me cry. haha.

Sister Infante's trainee is named Sister Albert and she's from Micronesia and I love her. I love being the only one who can actually speak English with her... hahaha. But I struggle with English now... especially if we're trying to teach in English. yeah, no.

Other than that, same old same old. We're doing a lot of finding and a lot of teaching. Just trying to find the elect.

Have a great week! Me and my companion are both turning 20 this week and we've got lots of great things coming up! I'm excited!

Mahal Kita!

Sister Wilkins