Sunday, December 27, 2015

Re: Pictures Week 38

1. Zone Christmas Party
2. Legazpi District

3. The presents we made for the Mulligans and Pres. Guanzon. Sister Delgado did one for Sis. Guanzon and Iza.

Re: Pictures Week 38

1. They're cute
2. Christmas Eve Selfie
3. Home alone?
4. Christmas eve

Pictures Week 38

1. dinner on Sister Delgado's Birthday
2. My present from the Relief Society... haha
3. Christmas Party at the Mission Home
4. With Pres. and Sis. Guanzon's daughter. She's in the Law of Chastity pamphlet (In Tagalog). We're now famous.

Isang Bagong Taon

Hello everyone! This was an absolutely amazing week! So many good things happened and it was a great Christmas time!

Tuesday was Sister Delgado's 20th birthday and we were able to celebrate it partially at the Relief Society Christmas party and partially at dinner with the Mulligans, our senior couple.  We love those two so much. They've been like my grandparents here on the mission.

On Wednesday we went on our weird exchanges. It ended up being me and Sister Delgado with Sister Jimenez who is a visa waiter going to Salt Lake City East mission. So we were in a trio all day except in the evening when I went on splits with a member. For lunch we went to Iza's house with the Mulligans and it was AMAZING. Iza is a caterer and she lived in Japan for a while, in fact her husband lives there still. She made some killer Shoimai. I think that was the best meal of my whole mission. Then we taught Fred and it was GREAT.

On Christmas Eve we went to a Christmas Party at the mission home which was so fun. Then we went with the Mulligans to bring some food to some elders in the hospital. One of them has Dengue Fever. His companion was in my batch so it was cool to see him. So basically I had a Harry Potter Christmas Eve because I visited a hospital and I was with British people. And we had a feast worthy of Hogwarts itself.

Christmas Day was wonderful. We had another lunch appointment at the Abello family's house. They invited all of the missionaries assigned to our ward (we are 11 total. In one ward. It's crazy.). It was so fun and of course delicious. I'll really miss Filipino food when I leave this place. That evening we had a Zone Christmas Party which was an absolute blast. I love my zone. I got defeated in rock paper scissors though..

Saturday was the best day because I got to Skype my lovely family. It was so great to talk to all of you guys! Tell Jayda and Jenna I missed them and I love them! We then got to attend a baptism for some elders in our ward. We taught Fred with The Mulligans. It was such a great experience. And then they took us out to dinner at this cute place called the Patio. I'm getting pretty good at sounding like a real Brit.

On Sunday Fred had his Baptismal Interview and he's SO ready. He's so excited (and I'm so excited) for Saturday! After church we were able to attend another baptism. It was so spiritual. The investigators were so golden. Legazpi has so much potential. There are so many prepared people. There have been lots of baptisms lately and coming up. It's just such a blessing to be able to see the fruits of your labors. The Lord is really blessing Legazpi Ward! It's close to being split because there are so many people.

Life is good. I'm excited for the upcoming New Year! I've got lots of goals set and lots of plans. It's gonna be a great year! 2015 has been such an amazing year and I've grown so much and learned so much. I've grown a lot closer to the Lord this year and strengthened my faith in Him a lot more. He is good to me. Here's to an even better 2016!

Mahal Kita!
Sister Wilkins