Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fwd: Zone Training / Zone Conference

Keep On Keeping On

HEYOOO! Another busy week gone. Time won't slow down, man.

On Wednesday we went to Legazpi for our Trainer's/Trainee's Training (lots of training went down..) We rode a bus for 4 hours and made it to the chapel. It was a long day and I was so tired. The office Elders had to drive down to Bulan so we got a ride back with them. Before we left for Bulan, they had to go to the Mission Home so we got to sit and talk with President and Sister Guanzon for like 30 minutes in the mission home. I've said it like ten times, but President is a Filipino version of dad. It's hilarious really.

Another cool thing from this week: we were tracting (we hardly do that here because there are so many referrals and investigators) and we walked past this old lady. She started saying something in Bicol about us, thinking that we wouldn't be able to understand her. But, luckily we've got Sister Tarantan. Basically, she was impressed that she knew Bicol and we then proceeded to her house to teach her. We started the lesson and then my kasama asked if she had a bible. She gets up to go get it and comes back with a Book of Mormon. It was yellow and torn and dusty and had two elders names written in it and a date from 1999. She thought those missionaries were from another religion and she kept telling us that the Book of Mormon was the bible. It was the weirdest experience, but it was so cool that she had that book. She said she couldn't understand it when she reads it. It ended up being a really good lesson and she's willing to hear more. We invited her to try the book one more time. It's just cool how the Lord prepares people!

We had a relief society activity and I taught some kids how to play a song on the piano. The kids love me. The adults are nice but the language barrier is more real with them. With kids we can just play and it doesn't matter what language we're speaking. plus they have school english and they teach me words so that's nice. Rhealyn, July, and April are all cousins. Rhealyn and July are less active, but they've started coming since we have been teaching them and April has a baptism date next month. I love these kids!

On Sunday we had a multi-stake conference that aired from SLC. Elder Brent H. Nielsen, Elder Ian S. Ardern, Sister Rosemary M. Wixom, Elder Craig C. Christensen, and Neil L. Anderson all spoke. It was aired throughout all of the Philippines, for the Philippines. Basically it was amazing and I cried several times. It was all in English, so count me grateful. It was exactly what I needed to here. There's an English phrase that everyone says here, "I will be the one", and that was discussed. It's basically the Filipino way to give service and to put other people before yourself. I love it here and I love these people. They are seriously such special people. After that, we got to watch Meet the Mormons! So it was a good day.

Welp, that's about it. I love my life! The Lord is so mindful of us! I love you all! Ingat po!

Sister Wilkins