Sunday, August 30, 2015

Re: Week 21 Pictures

1. We had Ice cream last night. It melted in like two seconds.
2. I seriously love these sisters so much.

Week 21

Hello all! I can't believe it's already Monday. Time is just going faster and faster. I can't even handle it.

So at the beginning of this week, we found out that our Baptism couldn't happen. Rosalio's mother who is a less active member in Irosin decided she didn't want him to be baptized. So that happened. My heart is broken. But we've been praying that she'll soften her heart. Next fast sunday man...

So that happened and we were rather discouraged. We technically don't have to tract because we have so many investigators, but we decided that we need to get some new investigators and tract. We found Erwin last week and he's crazy progressing! I'm so excited for him! When he prays it's so meaningful and sincere. We found CJ this last Saturday and he's so interested. The Lord definitely blesses you and makes up for any losses. Plus it was really hard for me at first to tract because I've never had to lead before, but I've got it down man! We've been talking to everyone! It's the spirit of missionary work and I can't get enough of it! People reject us and some let us in, but whatever the result, I love sharing the Gospel and I love opening my mouth and just telling people how it's blessed my life!

We had lots of crazy Spiritual experiences with teaching members and less actives this week. The Spirit is so strong in every lesson. That's been a goal of Sister Routhier and I, to not focus on the numbers or how many lessons we teach, but to focus on the quality. I've found deeper meaning in my purpose and a greater love for the work because of this. I finally feel like I'm doing what would please my Father in Heaven and that's all I really want anyway. I love being a missionary!

Today we had a choir practice because my zone will be singing at our Mission Tour Zone Conference on Thursday. Elder Haynie of the 70 will be there. I'm so excited! We're singing I Need Thee Every Hour/ Kailangan Ko Kayo meaning that it's mixed English and Tagalog. So pretty. I love my zone! I love my life.

So basically that's it. It's been a super busy week full of blessings! I love you all and I hope you have a great week!


Sister Wilkins

Week 21 Pictures

1. We broke that. They make furniture for tiny Filipinos... haha
2. Buong Bulan Zone Sisters!