Monday, November 2, 2015

Paalam sa Bulan

Hello there.

It was a good last week in Bulan. Yep. You heard it here first. I'm being transferred. I'm really excited but also really sad. I'm gonna miss the people here, but I know that I'm needed elsewhere. Sister Routhier has been called to train. Tha'ts my girl! Keeping the tradition alive! We are legendary. haha. We had a REALLY good week. The best of our whole training. We picked up 10 new investigators and had so much success! The Lord blesses us when we put in even a little effort. He's so good to us.

Arturo is interviewing this Saturday, and the 14th he'll be baptized! We extended lots of dates this week and we've got lots of very good potentials. The week flew by. The transfer flew by. My whole mission has flown by. But I'm so grateful for the time I've been able to spend with the amazing people here. I'll never forget Bulan. I've changed and improved so much here.

Tonight we're having our final FHE at the Tanada home and we're having an American Halloween party. They don't have Halloween here. They have All Saints Day and All Souls Day where pretty much you just go to the cemetery and hang out until midnight with your family. Why isn't that a tradition in America? hah.

I just love being a missionary. I love what the Lord is making me. It's gonna be hard to leave, but I know the Lord has an even better plan for me just up ahead. I love you all so much and I hope you have a wonderful week! I find out where I'll be transferred to on Tuesday, so I'll let you know next week.

Love you!

Sister Wilkins

Re: Week 30 Pictures

1. President Gutlay, Diane, and Rae John. My favorites.
2. Just bugging Brother Orr...
3. I'm gonna miss them... :'(

Re: Week 30 Pictures

1. Aleck. The smartest 9 year old I've met.
2. Diane. Future Sister Villamores. I love the youth here.
3. Grizelle and Nanay Orr. Nanay Orr is my mom here. I love them.

Week 30 Pictures

1. I. Died. It was as big as my hand. Sister Lapuz killed it for me. I did daily planning outside..
2. Surprise Exchanges with Sister Eneja and a recent convert, Sister Michelle. I love her.
3. Last time with the Nares Family