Sunday, November 8, 2015

Re: Week 31 Pictures

Sister Routhier's trainee and my granddaughter! 3 Generations

Re: Week 31 Pictures

We cute.

Re: Week 31 Pictures

1. First day in Legazpi. Yes.
2. All of Sister Delgado's companions minus one.
3. Legazpi.

Re: Week 31 Pictures

1. There's a mall here. Civilization! and good food.
2. Biboy. Jayda can marry him. I want him as my son. He's so cute. KN's brother.
3. Chelsea the recent convert. Her family's conversion story is a miracle. I'll tell you another time.
4. There's a washer here. I don't have to do laundry for 3 hours by hand. It's a good life.

Re: Week 31 Pictures

1. I love Legazpi
2. Hello Mount Mayon
3. This is KN. I love her. She auditioned for the voice and is waiting to hear about after round 3. I died when she sang to me. She's only 10 and she sounds like Beyonce. She'll be famous one day.

Week 31 Pictures

1. Just a kodak moment climbing to our investigator's house
2. I love her.
3. Culture and what not


Yes yes. I've been assigned in the city itself. Holy heck I love it here. My companion is… drum roll… Sister Delgado!! I literally yelled "are you kidding me??" when they made the announcement at transfer point. I was so happy. She was my temporary companion before I met Sister Routhier and we clicked instantly. I'm so excited to be companions for reals this time. She's from San Francisco California and is half Filipino. and i love her. Our area is called Legazpi D and it's massive and I absolutely love the people. I just feel like I'm where I'm supposed to be and it's the best feeling ever. Plus people keep telling me my Tagalog is really good here so that's a plus. One lady used the word flawless. I died.

One day we were tracting near the mission home in this super nice area (the opposite of Bulan I swear. I'm in a different world now.) and we tract this lady and we're almost done with the lesson when she says "ito ang bahay ng mair" (this is the house of the..) and Sister Delgado and I are like, what was that last word? she keeps saying it in her accent and it clicks in our heads at the same time "oohhh Mayor" and we cracked up laughing. We tracted the Mayor of Legazpi's house and they let us in. Hah. He wasn't there but his family was and we got a return appointment and the lady accepted the baptismal invitation. The security guard just told us to go into their house when we were walking by. haha. I died. Miracles happen people. On Friday we were tracting all around and we get to this one house and the guy says "I don't have time for.." and sister delgado says "God?" and we crack up laughing. The guy wasn't very amused but I love my companion and how fun it is with her.

Lots of things have happened. We climbed a mountain in the dark to an investigators house, we accidentally went to a street concert and couldn't find out how to get out of there, and we had a swimming pool in our apartment because our window leaked. The people here are incredible. And I'm assigned in a WARD. Oh how I've missed wards. Church was so peaceful and not stressful for once. So organized. AND two of our investigators came to church for the first time.

It's gonna be a really good transfer. I can feel it. The Lord is good to me and I'm so happy here. I'm gonna see lots of miracles.

I love you all!

Sister Wilkins