Sunday, August 9, 2015

Re: pictures week 18

The greatest ever. Them caribou though.

Re: pictures week 18

1. Splits! I love them!!!

Magiging Nanay

Hi. Oh my holy cows. This week.

So on Friday night we attended Tatay Aldrin Nares' funeral. They're different here. They bring the body in the casket into the house and we had the service there. So it was just like 15 ward members surrounded by other family members who are all catholic. We had a little service. I was the chorister and led music right next to the casket. It was different than your average funeral service, but the Spirit was so strong. Sister Tarantan and Sister Sebia spoke as well as Apple (Tatay's daughter) and Tatay Alfredo (Tatay Aldrin's father who is a member). I'm a very lucky missionary to have known him and to be able to help the family in this time. Nanay Merly (his mother) isn't a member and we're hoping this is the thing that gets her interested in the gospel. She cried during the talks about the Plan of Salvation. So we're crossing our fingers!

Saturday night we went on splits! Sister Tarantan went with Sister Mary Rose and I went with Sister Shazel and Sister Cally. It was the best! We made them cute little name tags too! I adore them.

So transfer announcement was on Saturday night. Andddd I'm going to be training a new missionary. The words freaking and out are a complete understatement. I literally finished my training today. And now I'll be training a new missionary. Oh boy. But it's okay! I'm very humbled and grateful for the opportunity! I'm going to learn A LOT in the next 3 months. Tomorrow we head to Legazpi and I'll attend trainers training, and wednesday I'll meet my trainee. Oh man. I was reading my scriptures the other day in Tagalog during language study and 1 NE 17:8-9 really stuck out to me. The Lord commands Nephi to build a boat to carry him and his family across the ocean. Nephi doesn't know how to build a boat and he's never done anything like that before. But he doesn't question it. He doesn't doubt for one second. He simply asks the Lord where to go to get the materials to make tools so he can start right away. I plan on taking this approach. I know I can do this, but only if I rely on the Lord. So, please pray for me! haha I need all the help I can get.

I love you all! I wish you all the best! And never forget that "In His strength... [we]... can do all things"! Mahal na mahal kita!

Sister Wilkins

pictures week 18

1. FHE
2. You can see Mount Mayon!