Monday, August 17, 2015


Wowowowowowow. This week man.

So early Tuesday morning we left for transfer point in Sorsogon. Sister Tarantan has been assigned as the newest Sister Training Leader in Legazpi. We then got in the AP's car and headed to the Daraga chapel. I got pretty carsick. these roads man. But then I got to be temporary companions with Sister Delgado and I absolutely adore her! I met her in my first transfer at zone conference and we got along from the start! The rest of Tuesday was trainer's training in Legazpi. Then I slept in the Legazpi sister's apartment which was super fun!

The next morning we went to the Legazpi chapel to meet our trainees. The night before, one of the AP's had accidentally let it slip that I would be training a foreigner. So basically I was pretty freaked out the whole time. Turns out that I'm the very first sister in the entire mission to ever train a foreigner after their training. There has been one other elder who did it. It was weird and it is weird because people are expecting a lot of me and it's sort of overwhelming sometimes. But it's all good! So the night before, I knew I would be training a foreigner and sister Guanzon showed us a list of the incoming missionaries and I saw where this one missionary was from and I knew instantly that I'd be her trainer. She's from Taylor, Arizona. Her name is Sister Routhier and I love her to death. Sure enough when we sit down and president announces the companionships, of course I'm last being Wilkins, and she's the only trainee left. I can't even explain it. I just knew. But like it's so weird. Because she knows my cousin, Britt Adcox, and she lives on Love Lake Road. And it's named after my however many greats grandma. And my ancestors founded that place. Like it's so weird. It's just proof it's meant to be!

On Thursday we headed back to Bulan! The people love her! It's just so good! And guys, I like never realized how much my progression in the language had been, but like I can make conversation. I can teach. It's so weird having to lead out in lessons, but I can do it. I did it. I can do this! It's scary being a trainer when I feel like I know so little, but I'm so very grateful that Heavenly Father has trusted me with this. Sister Routhier is a gem and I know there's a reason that we're together. It's going to be a lot of team work to do this, but I know this is right!

Basically it's been an insane week and there just simply isn't time to write everything, but I love you all and thank you SO much for all of your support and prayers! I can definitely feel them! I love you!

Sister Wilkins