Thursday, May 7, 2015

All Things Come Together for Good

Hello hello hello!

This was yet another incredible week out here! But I'm definitely ready to get out to the field.

So they split up my trio because Sister Ukukala from the last departing batch had to stay back because her mission wasnt ready for her. So she is Sister Loyola's kasama and mine is Sister Bell. It's been really good because Sister Bell and I are on the same level of Tagalog pretty much so we've been able to work together on it. We now teach just us two to our investigators so we have to speak up more. It's hard but I've learned a lot from it. It's very humbling. Plus I'm freaking out inside because they speak a different dialect in Legazpi and I can't even learn this one... But it's all okay because I KNOW I can do it. It will just take time. The Lord has called me here for a reason and He also called me to learn this language.

Wednesday was the best day of my whole entire life. We went to the temple and bore testimonies again and that was great. Then we went to the temple housing right next to the MTC and we had to knock on doors alone and go in and teach a lesson. I was scared beyond belief. Finally I just walked up to a door and knocked and this adorable 13 year old girl answers. I introduced myself and asked if I could teach them and she let me in. There were 3 other girls in the room. I talked about how God has a plan for us and about how much He loves us. It was super hard in my broken Tagalog, but they still understood me. Basically it was incredible and the Spirit was so strong. They wanted pictures with me and then as I was leaving, the girl who opened the door took the ring off her finger and handed it to me and said "for remembrance". Basically I wanted to cry. I hugged her really tight. I love the Filipino people. Seriously. The ring says love on it and I haven't taken it off since. Also I'm a little concerned as to why I have the same ring size as a 13 year old filipino girl. It was incredible. AND THEN we went proselyting. Like into the real world. My mgakasama were Sister Ukakala and a sister from Quezon City North mission whom I can't remember her name. ANYWAYS, we rode a jeepney from the mission home and walked to our first investigator's house, brother Samuel. His wife is a member. I cannot put into words how good these people make me feel. I know like zero Tagalog, so I'm sitting there trying my best and he's just smiling at me and nodding. He asked me to explain a scripture from the Bible to him and I actually did it. Like what even. It was so incredible. There was some serious Taglish going down, but he understood what I was teaching. THE GIFT OF TONGUES IS REAL. yeah. Then we walked to a less active's house. As we were walking, this group of three like 7 year old boys started following us and looking at me and pointing and saying "magandang" which means beautiful. Sometimes I'm okay with being white. Plus the sisters got a new contact because this old guy walked up to me and wanted to know where I was from. Being white isn't all bad. I love it here so so much. The people are amazing. So loving and so generous and so humble. They give so much even though they have so little. And there's nothing cuter than a little Filipino kid.

I basically cannot wait to get out into the field. We're the Senior Batch now and it's so weird. It feels like I got here yesterday, but it also feels like I've been here for eternity. I want to go teach real people and be out there doing the work of the Lord. I'm so so grateful to have been called here and I know it's where I'm supposed to be. 2 more weeks and I'm outta here. I know with all of my heart and soul that this Church is true and that conviction gets stronger every single day. I still struggle loads with the language, but I know it will come in the Lord's time so long as I put my effort in.

I love my life and I love you all. Can't wait to talk to you, my pamilia, on Sunday!

Mahal Kita!
Sister Wilkins

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