Monday, February 1, 2016


Heyooooo. It was a fantastic week with my favorite Sister Jimenez.

I want you all to know that the Lord is definitely blessing me in EVERYTHING. Because on Wednesday and Friday I taught the gospel in signs. I taught the entire Restoration and the Gospel of Jesus Christ lessons. We were able to teach Sarah and Michael again (the deaf investigators) and wowowowowow. Anyone who was in ASL with me remembers how horrible I was, but for some reason I can remember signs and I witnessed a miracle. For real.

Thursday we tracted a woman who turns out had been a house help for sisters about 20 years ago. She and her son were SO receptive and accepted a baptismal date right away. We only tracted their house because all of our appointments fell through and we had nothing else to do. Yeah, the Lord has a plan.

Sister Davocol and Sister Roque gave us one of their investigators when they got transferred and we went there for the first time on Friday night. We instantly fell in love with this family. Like, we clicked right away and were cracking jokes and everything. This family has a daughter who is in foster care right now and they're trying to get her back but they're not really financially stable yet to take her back. The mom, Catherine, has a lot of sorrow about it. On Sunday night we had an appointment scheduled with them and we get there and no one is home. We decide to wait a few more minutes and call them and her daughter Casey comes around the corner. She takes us to her grandma's house where we thought Catherine was. We end up waiting and get word that Catherine wants us to just come back tomorrow. So we start to head home when we see her sitting on the side of the road crying. We of course ask her what's wrong and she just cries to us telling us that all she wants is her family to be together but no matter what she does it doesn't happen. We were able to pray with her and help her. Basically I love so much how as missionaries, you literally just go places and it ends up being exactly where the Lord needed you to be. He sent us to help her. That's for sure. I love being a missionary for that reason. Helping people. I'm so done with numbers and statistics. I just want to help people and feel myself coming closer to God.

On Friday we had an incredible Ward Family Home Evening and one of our less active families came, and then they came to church on Sunday! You bet I was BEYOND happy. We've been visiting them since I got to Legazpi.

We had our practice for our Choir for President Nelson earlier today. We're singing I believe in Christ and I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. It's going to be so good! I'm so excited for him to come.

I love being a missionary. 

That is all.

Sister Wilkins