Sunday, November 15, 2015

Re: Pictures Week 32

1. The closest thing to an art museum here. The coffee shop. Where we get hot cocoa.
2. Living the life.

Pictures Week 32

1. Sister Hill and I
2. Sister Padre. I love her.
3. Princess, the Guanzon's daughter. So cute.
4. biboy. and My hair. haha

Splits, splits, and more splits

Hello! It was a crazy week! So much happened.

Tuesday was MLC, so all of the STL's came to Legazpi and slept in our apartment. Two of the STL's are also training so we went on exchanges with their trainees all day. I had been in our area for one week at that point, but praise the heavens because I actually remembered places. But leading the area after one week? Rough buddy. I went with Sister Hill. She's from Utah and it was basically like I was training again. I think I've been a little spoiled not having to lead so much and I needed a reminder of what it was like. That night Sister Delgado and I went out for dinner because let's be real we deserved it and it was so much fun. There was even Michael Buble Christmas playing. It was like America all over again. I'm definitely being spoiled here. Let's just hope I'm here for Christmas.

On Wednesday we went to the mission home after tracting in that area. The Guanzon children love me. And we made the facebook page, so I hope you enjoyed that, mom. Sister Guanzon was like "Let me take a picture of you. Your moms are on the facebook page. They'll love this" haha We went on splits that night with their daughter and another member. On Thursday we did splits again with Sister Atun (she's 71 years old and more youthful than I am. Wut.) and Aiza. Then Saturday Splits again with Sister Atun and Nanay Fe. Basically I'm learning the area the hard way.. haha.

We had Zone Training on Friday and earlier today we practiced for our zone presentation at Christmas Conference. I'm in charge of a musical number of Silent Night and I'm playing the role of "mother" in the "golden family". We're gonna win. I got a boat load of mail at the meeting so I've got lots of responses to write, but THANK YOU to all who sent me a letter or something. It was much needed.
At church on Sunday, Biboy wanted to sit by me and he stole my planner and wrote his name in it for later that night and he planned his own lesson. It was the cutest thing. I taught them how to play "I'm Yours" on the ukulele and we sing it every time we go over there. When we were leaving their house, Aleah (their cousin who's our investigator) pulled me aside and told me she had to tell me something. She whispered in my ear and said "you are the best sister we've ever had". My heart melted. Basically I love people and I died.

We're planning a church tour in two weeks and I'm so excited! We're working on our progressing investigators trying to get them to church, but things keep coming up. Dang it, Satan. We tracted 9 hours this week and lots of new investigators are coming up. We're looking for a golden family that I know the Lord is preparing for us.

Basically I'm loving this place and I'm learning so much. And you get a longer email because here in the city, the internet actually loads fast. I love life.

I love you all so much!

Sister Wilkins