Thursday, May 14, 2015

Hello hello hello errybody! 

Last week in the MTC here I come! I am beyond ready to get out of here and to hit the streets and teach people!

I feel like the weeks blur together and I'm not even sure what happened this week so I'll try to remember...

Talking to my family on Monday was thee best! I love you all so much! Even though I missed some of you, I still love you!!!

Sooo.. one cool thing from this week: we walked through the MTC with the mission of sharing a message in Tagalog to the workers there. My kasama and I talked to a guy named Randy who works in the kitchen and turns out he's not a member. I actually was able to bear my testimony to him in Tagalog and we invited him to continue reading the Book of Mormon after he told us he has one. Whenever we see him we yell "HI RANDY" and he gets this big grin. I love people.

I went proselyting on Wednesday in the Manila mission and to be honest, it was awful. The language barrier is real. My kasama wasn't really letting me talk even when I did know what to say so that was hard. But the people are so nice. At one point she was talking to a couple and their kids were just kind of standing there staring at me so I started talking to them and they were smiling and laughing and were happy that I knew even a little Tagalog. Have I mentioned that I love the people? well, I do. We didn't get to teach an actual lesson because everyone seemed to be not home so we did a lot of OYMs and walking around. I now have the weirdest tan line on my foot because I was wearing my jelly sandals... haha. I learned a lot though. Even though it wasn't as incredible as last week. Not every day in the mission will be ideal and it's gonna be hard so I'm glad that I got to experience that.

It's crazy to think that one week from now I'll be out there. I'm so ready. I know I'll pick up the language much better out there. I've learned so much since being here and I've grown so much. I've never appreciated the Atonement of our Savior more and I've never felt the love that God has for each and every one of his children so much before. I KNOW that God loves us. I KNOW that He sent His son to atone for our sins and to feel every sorrow or pain that we ever have felt or ever will felt. Our Savior has been there and He is there for us. The thing my testimony has grown the most on is prayer. God truly is listening. I KNOW THAT. Without a shadow of a doubt.

Anyways, I love you all and I'm so grateful for each and every one of you and the role you have in my life, whether large or small, you've made an impact on who I am and where I am. Mahal mahal kita! Sobrang mahal!

Sister Wilkins

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