Sunday, July 19, 2015

Week 15?? My lucky number!

Well, well, well another week gone. I can't even. So on Wednesday I went on my second exchanges. With Sister Sebia this time. Her area is right next to ours and I already knew a lot of the members. It was great! One of the members gave us avacadoes and yes, they're better in the Philippines. We made some killer guacamole!

On Saturday was April's baptism! AH! It was amazing and I cried. I also cried when she was confirmed on Sunday in Sacrament Meeting. I LOVE THE GOSPEL. It makes me so happy! They were definitely happy tears!

So we had committed so many investigators to come to church this last Sunday, but they all texted and backed out right before the meeting so we were all sad. Sacrament meeting ended, then we find out that Sister Molina came! Sister Tarantan had texted her as an after thought and invited her. She hadn't been responding to our texts so we haven't been able to teach her at all. She was taught by the previous missionaries. BUT SHE CAME! and I sat next to her in Gospel Principles and SHE CRIED when a Nanay bore her testimony. AND THEN she was asking the lady next to her about baptism. Yeah. So we went to her house and taught her that night with her husband. They've been investigating the church for a while and have a close friend who's a member and who's taught them. Basically they know it's true but they've been persecuted a lot by their neighbors and her family. So we'll be able to teach them more now and I'm so excited!

I was reading Jesus the Christ this week and I found a really awesome quote that I thought I'd share with y'all: "true, the Father knows our need before we ask, but by asking we acknowledge Him as the Giver, and are made humble, grateful, contrite, and reliant by the request." When I was younger I used to wonder why we prayed if God's will was God's will and we couldn't change it. But I came to realize then as I was reading the scriptures one night, and I came to realize it again as I read that quote, that we don't pray to change God's will, we pray to change ourselves. God's plan is perfect. He knows what we need and when we need it, we just need to change the way we look at things and align our will with His, because He is perfect and sees the beginning to the end. I'm so grateful that we have prayer as a communication with our Heavenly Father.

Anyways, I love you all! Keep in touch!

Love Sister Wilkins

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