Monday, October 5, 2015


HELLOOOOO! Life is good. Life is crazy, but life is good.

Tuesday we went on exchanges. Sister Routhier led our area brilliantly while I learned about a million things from Sister Lapuz in Bulan Branch. It was a blast. I love exchanges because I learn SO much. for reals. AND then that evening, I finally became a real Filipino. I ate Balut. Please look it up to see a picture because we had only a video of me eating it. What it is is the half-developed embryo of a duck. It's so weird. Sister Eneja fed it to me with my eyes closed because I didn't want to see what it looked like.. haha. But I did it!

On Wednesday we had a branch activity for Family Week and it was the funnest thing. Every family did a presentation as well as the different organizations. Man, you can't get that kind of entertainment in America. Everyone is way good at dancing and singing here. It's the best. We had so many investigators attend and it was such a great night!

On Saturday we had surprise exchanges. I went back to Bulan Branch with Sister Eneja. It was the best. I love when people give me a face that says "how the heck do you know this language? you're white" It happened in our first lesson that day. We watched Women's Conference that afternoon. I cried. So hard. I absolutely can't wait until General Conference next week. I've been preparing my list of questions to be answered for about a month now. I'm well prepared.

I've been helping Sister Lapuz almost every night to study English. She's trying to pass this test they offer to Filipinos that gets them into BYU Hawaii full-ride. I absolutely love Filipinos. They are the cutest things. Also English is a weird language and I don't even understand it.

I've learned SO much this week. I'm so grateful to be a missionary. Talaga. It is THEE best thing. I hope you all are doing well!

Mahal Kita!

Sister Wilkins

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