Monday, October 26, 2015


Magandang buhay!

This week sped by. We improved a lot in our work this week and our investigators are doing splendidly!

Our investigator Arturo we were scared to teach about the Word of Wisdom and the law of chastity because like no one here is married. for reals. And I had never taught this lesson to anyone who wasn't already baptized as a new member lesson or to a kid. but We taught him and the lesson went SUPER well. and a miracle happened... HES MARRIED. AND he already lives the word of wisdom for medical reasons. Can you say golden or what? Half of me hopes I get to stay here this next transfer so I can see him baptized and of course cause I love it here, but the other half of me is ready to experience something new. Transfer announcement is on Saturday night so we'll see. I can't believe our training is almost over.

Another miracle happened. We taught the Molina family so many times this week. We've been instructed to work on daily contacting them and boy has it helped. Last night Brother Molina prayed for the very first time in a lesson. He always says no, but we got him! haha I died. We got out of the lesson and were like 'wait. What just happened.' it was amazing.

I got called on to speak in Sacrament meeting literally two minutes before it started so that was scary because I had no time to prepare my Tagalog vocab but it went so well. As I was speaking, our investigator Pedro walks in with two members. I died. He's about 70 years old and always says he won't be baptized because he's catholic but he came to church! Miracles happen, people. I love life.

I've been thinking a lot about that quote thats like "If you're better than you were yesterday, that's enough". I'm learning how to be patient with the progression of the people we teach and as well with my own progression. God is good. It's okay if you're not perfect. We're not meant to be in this life. It just matters that you're better today and you'll be better tomorrow.

Sorry this email is scattered but I love you all and thank you for all of your love and support!

Sister Wilkins

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