Sunday, January 17, 2016

Signing and Singing

Hello people!

This week. Monday I was dying of sickness, Tuesday the fever broke but I was still pretty dead. We had to go to the ear doctor because I supposedly had an infection there but no one would listen to me when I insisted there wasn't one. Guess what? I was right. The ear doctor just dug around in my ear and I'm sitting there just waiting for it to end when he finally tells me that there's nothing wrong with me. Yeah. I could've told you that. The Lord is for sure teaching me patience over here... haha. 

Wednesday we had our interviews with President Guanzon and as always, he said just what I needed to here. I had to go to yet another doctors appointment after that. I have some sort of allergy apparently and they had to put me on an allergy diet and give me this weird soap and lotion to use. I can't even eat mangoes. It's horrible. But my follow up appointment is later today so hopefully all is well. The hive-like marks are almost gone so that's a good sign. We finally got out to work for the first time that week on Wednesday night. I was sick of staring at four walls and doctors who don't really know what they're doing. It's was so good to get back out into the work.

I had the coolest experience this week. So on Thursday I was on exchanges again with Sister Jimenez and we had like 15 minutes before we were supposed to go home for lunch, so we're tracting a small little side-street. We just keep getting nos and I'm a Catholics and finally we get to this house with some cute little boys playing out front. So we start talking to the boys and we ask them where there mom is or who is with them at the house. They say there's no one there, but I could see a girl inside trying to hide. She eventually comes out and kind of waves us away and I realize she's doing sign language. And then it hit me. When I very first got here to Legazpi (I don't remember if I emailed about this or not) I met a deaf girl and a little boy on the street and she took a picture with us and I signed a little bit to her. Yeah. It was the same girl. Her name is Sarah. So we freak out a little bit and she lets us in her house. She can't understand Tagalog, just English, so we were writing back and forth in English and I was trying to sign what I remember to her. It was incredible. We set a return appointment for the next day because we had no English pamphlets or Book of Mormon. We go back the next day and there's someone else there, her deaf friend Michael. They kept writing on pieces of paper that they want to be Christian and they want to go to church. Sarah read the Book of Mormon Introduction and did the sign for "true". The Spirit was so strong in the room. We went to the house on Sunday Morning and Sarah came with us to church. She told me that the people in other churches are usually mean or they just stick to themselves, but in our church everyone was so friendly. It was weird trying to translate or let her know what's going on in the classes. I had her read the sacrament prayers out of the Book of Mormon during the sacrament and it was just such special experience. It's incredible to see someone who can't even hear still listening to the word of God. I just wish I had paid more attention in ASL in high school...

Friday night we worked in Sister Jimenez's area and we got to teach their recent converts. The three little girls were baptized about a month ago, and on Saturday their grandma was baptized. I fell in love right away with this family and the grandmother's baptism was so special.

Sunday we had another WAY cool experience. During dinner we get a text with a referral and then the AP's call us and tell us the family is expecting us right then. So, we leave and get to the house right before the family is about to leave for Manila. The mother just found out she has breast cancer and they needed to leave to get some tests and treatment done in Manila (cause y'all know from my experience how wonderful medical care is in Legazpi). But they decided to let us teach them before they left. We don't know who gave the referral to the AP's and they said they don't know any Mormons, so we're stumped there, but it was so incredible. The Spirit was so strong in the lesson and we were able to comfort this sister in her time of need. We connected with them so well right off the bat. I told her I thought her shoes were cute and she tried to give them to me.. haha. She hugged us goodbye and said they'd text us with an update. I left with an assurety that God really has a perfect plan for each and every one of us and He makes things happen when they need to. His plan is perfect and His timing is perfect.

Also this. Elder Nelson is coming on February 15. Like as in THEE Elder Russel M. Nelson. And I've been asked to be the chorister for the choir to sing to him. I'm minorly freaking out. But I'm SO excited for him to come!

I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful week!

Mahal Kita!
Sister Wilkins

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