Monday, February 8, 2016

Fasting works.


This was an incredible week.

I got to be reunited with Sister Routhier on Monday because she just got called as an STL and they had MLC here in Legazpi on Tuesday so she got to sleep over two nights! We talked for a very very long time. I miss that girl, but I'm so proud of her. I'm a proud mama. Also Sister Delgado got to come back for a night so that was a good reunion.

Our main focus right now is on the Adana family. They have a baptismal date for March 5 and they are progressing! I'm absolutely in love with this family! Brother hadn't come home for a week and Catherine didn't know where he is, but he finally came back and the whole family's almost complete minus the one daughter.

Sunday was the greatest day of my life. We were fasting and we picked up the Adana family for church. We get there way early and they're really excited because their daughter is being fostered by one of the members and they were going to be able to see her that day. It was such a wonderful reunion when Princess saw her mom and ran to her and gave her the biggest hug. I cried. Church begins and our investigators start trickling in. We had six come. I then have to stop myself from yelling out loud in surprise as Sister Mona Lisay walks in, a less active member we've been working with forever and she will never come to church. She was laughing at my reaction. Church was the most spiritual I've ever been in. Testimony meeting was incredible. In our Gospel Principles class I got called on to go up and bear my testimony because "my eyes were glowing" and they wanted to know why. haha. And President Guanzon was there and gave me a pat on the back after I sat down. haha I love Legazpi Ward. And then Relief Society was just incredible. We went home and studied and broke our fasts and everything, and then we went over to Fred and Iza's. Iza's son, Ichigo has been so stubborn and not very receptive. He gets home halfway through the lesson with a bunch of friends. He leaves the friends outside, is hovering around us listening, and says "sorry I couldn't come to church today. I'll come next week" and then he pinky promised me that he would go. Iza started crying and I was like "is this real life?" and then he offered to say our closing prayer. It. was. a. miracle. We haven't been able to get through to this kid, and then all of a sudden out of nowhere... fasting works, people. It was incredible. 

P.S. Sorry I'm emailing so late. We had another choir practice earlier for the arrival of President Nelson next week. It took the whole P-day, but we're sounding so good and we've changed the song to Abide With Me and It's gonna be great! Which also means, I will have P-day next tuesday instead of monday because he is coming on Monday. So be prepared next week for a picture of me with President Russel M. Nelson. Boy am I excited!

I love you all, and I hope you have a great week!

Sister Wilkins

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