Monday, February 15, 2016

President Russell M. Nelson Visit :D

Hello People!

What a week, what a week. President Russell M. Nelson came, saw, and definitely conquered.

It's been real swell out here in Legazpi City! We had choir practices all week and it was almost as good as high school choir (ok not even close but man I miss choir). I was pretty stressed though because I our original song was I believe in Christ, and then we decided to change it to Abide With Me. We practiced the latter until Friday, and then we get told that we have to change our song to Abide With Me; Tis Even Tide because the area office got it wrong and had already made the program. I died. So we learned both and they sounded alright, but there was definite room for improvement. I was getting sick on Sunday night with a cold and I was terrified that I was gonna lose my voice and not be able to sing, but miracles happened.

On Sunday President Nelson was coming to do a YSA devotional and we got permission to go. So we go way early and get good seats, then we eventually get moved back, then into a room where they're doing a broadcast, and then we get kicked out all together. I was only slightly upset because as we're waiting, a bus full of San Vicente Branch from Bulan gets there. I got to see so many of the branch members and it was SOOO good. Except I unfortunately didn't get a picture with any of them.

Yesterday was the greatest day ever. We got up early to go practice for the choir and we being the choir got front row seats and it was just great. President Guanzon lines us all up outside to take a big group photo when the van with President Nelson gets there. It was surreal seeing him in real life.  We take a picture and then we all line up single file to shake his and Sister Nelson's hands as well as Elder Ian S. Ardern of the Seventy and his wife. The Spirit was just so strong as I shook their hands. He is truly called of God. We finally all get settled and President asks us to sing Abide With Me, our original song, as prelude. I get up there to lead and President Nelson and I make eye contact and he gives me this huge grin. It was so cool. Then we sit down, President Guanzon conducts the opening excercises, and the choir stands up again to sing Abide With Me; Tis Eventide. It was flawless. We sounded about five million times better than we had just that morning. Angels were singing with us. I was nervous because I can't really lead that well and I've got this cold, but everything worked out just great! Sister Guanzon gets up and bears an incredible testimony and said our song made her cry. Then President Guanzon, Sister Ardern, Elder Ian S. Ardern, and Sister Nelson all speak. I'm crying through the whole thing. They said so many things I needed to hear. Then finally President Russell M. Nelson stands up and answers all of my prayers with incredible scriptures and everything. He talked about the Doctrine of Christ and our Patriarchal Blessings and family history and he left and apostolic blessing. He shared an incredible story about two little girls that he did surgery on 58 years ago who passed away, and he said a year ago, they came to him in a dream and told him they weren't sealed to anyone and they needed his help. He found that their mother had passed away and their father had become anti-Mormon. Through missionary and ward help, the family was sealed just this past November. I sobbed through the whole thing, and being in the front, Elder Ian S. Ardern kept looking at me and probably wondering why the heck I was crying so much. haha. i just wish you all could have been there and felt the power in his words and his blessing. It was an incredible day. There's too much to ever be able to write. As they were leaving, President Nelson stops in front of the choir and says to us "the choir was just elegant". Yeah.

Unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures, but the Guanzon's son in law was able to take all of them and they should be emailing them soon. So who knows when we'll get that. Basically my life is amazing and it was such a good week!

I love you all!! Happy Late Valentines Day!

Sister Wilkins

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