Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sister Blue

Hello from the other side... uh... I mean Hi. That song keeps playing on the jeeps and it's always in my head.

So this was a crazy week. On Monday one of our investigators texted us and was telling us her daughter was in a lot of pain in her stomach and lots of things. We were texting between them and Sister Guanzon all night,and eventually in the morning they go to the hospital and the girl's got appendicitis. It was scary, but luckily she's all okay now! Thank heavens for missionaries, right?

Early Tuesday morning, Sister Jimenez left me for Manila to have an interview at the US Embassy. I was in a trio all day Tuesday and half of Wednesday with our STLs Sister Infante and Sister Matthes. It was actually really fun but I missed Sister Jimenez and I wasn't even mad when she got back. Rather relieved. We worked in the STL's area and I got to visit some of their recent converts that I LOVE. We also taught this less active lady named Elsa. When we got there, they were trying to get her to guess my name and saying "it's the name of a water bottle brand here" and she kept saying "absolute? Aqua? etc." and finally Sister Infante says "the label is blue" and then we just tell her my name and move on. She prays at the end in English and says "thank you for these missionaries who came to teach me. And their names are Sister Infante, Sister Matthes, and Sister Blue" and continues her prayer while the three of us are cracking up and trying not to let her know we're laughing.

Wednesday morning I went on splits while the STLs were on exchanges until Sister Jimenez got back. She wasn't feeling well, but being the trooper she is, she wanted to go out and work anyway. We taught Sister Ester, the Less active we tracted, and she was TAKING NOTES. God has a plan, guys. I can't believe how much she's progressing and all because we just randomly knocked on her door one night not knowing she was a member already.

A few weeks ago we ran into this guy named Lester at a store and he said he was taught by missionaries about a year ago but they just stopped visiting him. We got his address and turns out he's in our area. We taught him and his family twice this week and turns out he's related to a few of our members and our investigator Emz so there's lots of potential there! I'm excited for that!

On Saturday we had a Ward Family Home Evening at the chapel and it was SOO fun even though very few people showed up because it was also raining buckets. I have some new games to teach y'all.

Basically it was just a really good week and passed by like... something really fast. Sister Jimenez could be leaving me for Utah any day and this is the last week of the transfer. I'm freaked out time is going so fast, but I'm excited for the coming transfer!

Mahal Kita!

Sister Wilkins

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